Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Latest Beauty News and Innovations


Even in the world of daily updated beauty blogs the print edition of Allure Magazine is still one of the best sources for beauty news. Here's my highlights form the May issue:

1. Ribbons tied round a pony tails is a new trend. I like this as ribbons are pretty, cheap and come in loads of textures and every colour imaginable so it's an easy and fun way to accessorise. The trick to making the look fresh and modern is for it to be slightly imperfect i.e. the pony tail should be on the loose side with strands of hair breaking free and the ribbon bow should be lopped sided.

2. The colour of the month is pistachio. Obviously, this is a colour which is best worn as a nail polish.  I'm a bit of a fingernail varnish traditionalist so would probably only use a colour like this on my toes and, even then, only when my feet are a bit tanned. The three go-to polishes in this shade are Deborah Lippmann - Flowers in her HairCiate - Sweet Pea and Essie - Fashion Playground.

3. Supergoop have come out with a hand cream which has a whopping SPF 40 in it. This is a higher SPF than any hand cream that I've ever seen and something I think is definitely worth having. It comes in both a portable tube of 30ml for $11 and a pump dispenser of 300ml for $29.50. Unfortunately, it's only available stateside at the moment but I'm hoping that we get it in the UK very soon.

4. I'm not quite on board with home laser devices yet. My reservations are that they are very time consuming and I'd be worried that I wasn't doing it right. However, there are a couple of interesting aspects to this Skin Smoothing Laser by Iluminage Beauty. Firstly, it's designed by world renowned  'interior architect'  Karim Rashid, who really does design beautiful products. Secondly, Iluminage Beauty is a joint venture between Unilever and Syneron, a leading aesthetic device company. They are investing millions to develop home use beauty devices so it's probably not going to be too long before we're performing a lot more clinic type treatments on ourselves.

5. Bare Minerals are bringing out their first liquid foundation with skin care benefits called the Pure Brightening Serum Foundation ($29). However, what has really caught my attention is the Perfecting Face Brush ($28) that is meant to be used with it. It has a dip or 'fluid reservoir' for you to pour as little or as much of your foundation in to before your apply it to your face. It's supposed to ensure a no-mess and even coverage though I'm not sure that I could be trusted to not spill the contents of the brush down myself while lifting it up to my face.

6. Lastly, Marc Jacobs has bought out a new eyeshadow palette - Style Eye-Con No.7 ($59) - for summer in colours that look like they'll appeal more to children to paint with than for adults to wear on their face. The 5 new colours of Highliner Gel Eye Crayon ($25) look far more accessible, my favourite being (Ody)Sea which is a lovely teal.
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  1. Hi Alex. Are you well? The Supergoop does sound good. 40spf! I think 25spf is about the highest I've seen. Space NK do Supergoop. I wonder if they'll stock this? Tx

  2. I think Paula's Choice does an SPF 30 but I've not tried it. I've checked Space NK and they don't have it in yet. I'm hoping they'll have it by the middle of the month when they're doing one of their mega GWP events! xx