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Eye Creams with Broad Spectrum SPF

Eye Cream with SPF

There was a time, not too long ago, when a product with SPF put around your eyes would result in extremely unpleasant stinging and streaming. Thankfully those days have passed and SPF skincare has greatly improved.

As I keep repeating like a broken record using broad spectrum SPF is the best way to slow down skin ageing. And as the skin around our eyes is very thin and likely to show the signs of passing time first you will not regret keeping this area protected.

While researching this post I came across a lot of eye creams that just protected against UVB rays. They will be useless at slowing down photo-aging. It is vital that what you use has ingredients that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. I have gone into why this is important, the two types of UVA rays and how to understand the labelling HERE.

Here is a round up of eye creams that really are anti-aging:

Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF37 - Supergoop

This is the one I use and is from Supergoop who specialise in sun protection skincare. They are so good at what they do I made them brand of the year in my Best of 2013 post. It also has an oat peptide complex which they claim stimulates collagen and hydrates.
It contains a mineral (sometimes called physical)  and chemical sunscreen:
Zinc Oxide - protects against UVB, UVA1, UVA2 rays.
Octinoxate - protects against UVB rays.

It costs £42 for 15ml and is available from SpaceNK.
Supergoop Eye Cream with SPF

Lift and Luminate Eye Cream SPF15 + 5 Star UVA - Boots No.7

I've also been using this one over winter and think it works well as both a moisturiser and sun screen. You can tell it hasn't got that high an SPF as it's not as substantial as the Supergoop one. It  claims to 'reduce the appearance of wrinkles' which it does as would any half decent moisturiser. It also says it 'visibly lifts and evens skin tone' but I used it for longer than the recommended 4 weeks and didn't notice any lift or more evenness. However, I'm not put off by that as I use it as a preventative not a cure.
I need to check the sunscreen ingredients as I threw away the box and then update. However, because it has the 5 Star UVA rating I'm confident it gives good UVA protection.

It's £16 for 15ml and available at Boots.
Boots No.7 Eye Cream with SPF

Superdefence SPF20 Age Defence Eye Cream - Clinique

There are a lot of negative reviews for this product floating around the internet. This put me off buying the full size but I managed to get my hands on a sample. I was nervous about using it but for the first few days I didn't have any trouble with it at all. However, by day 4 my eye area was feeling a bit itchy and dry so in the bin it went. Not all the reviews for this are bad and in fact lots are very positive. I'd hate to put people off something that might work for them so my advice would be to try and get a sample to see if it suits your skin or not. On the positive side it claims to instantly brighten the area and it really does do this.
It contains a mineral sunscreen:
Zinc Oxide - protects against UVB, UVA1, UVA2 rays.
Titanium Dioxide - protects against UVB rays.

It costs £30 for 15ml and is available here.
Clinique Superdefense Eye Cream with SPF

Totale Truth Eye Creme SPF15 - Ole Henriksen

Unfortunately, this looses points straight away because of it comes in a jar, which is less hygienic than a tube and makes the product lose its effectiveness sooner. However, the reviews for it are generally very good. It has vitamin C, omega 3, marine algae and peptides to moisturise, strengthen and firm.
It contains a chemical sunscreen:
Avobenzone - protects against UVA1 rays.
Octinoxate - protects against UVB rays.
Octisalate - protects against UVB rays.
It doesn't appear to protect against UVA2 rays which is strange.

It costs £41 for 15g and is available from Feel Unique.
Ole Henriksen Eye Cream with SPF

Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF25 / PA+++ - Shiseido

This is a good all rounder because it offers good skin care benefits, great sun protection and it's not outrageously expensive. It contains Rose Apple Leaf Extract (doesn't that sound nice?) which is an antioxidant and it has Light Diffusing Powder to brighten the eye area.
It contains a mineral and chemical sunscreen:
Zinc Oxide - protects against UVB, UVA1, UVA2 rays.
Oxtinoxate - protects against UVB rays.

It cost £28 for 15ml from House of Fraser.

Shiseido Eye Cream with SPF

Essential-C Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF15 / PA++ - Murad

This was is on the pricey side but Murad do make good skincare. It has Shea Butter for hydration, Retinol and Caffeine for puffiness and Light Diffusers to soften the look of lines and minimise the look of dark circles.
It contains a chemical sunscreen:
Oxtinoxate - protects against UVB rays.
Octisalate - protects against UVB rays.
Oxybenzone - protects against UVB and UVA2 rays.

It's £57 for 15ml and available at Marks and Spencer.

Murad Eye Cream with SPF

Prevage Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF15 / PA++ - Elizabeth Arden

This is the most expensive of the bunch. This contains Idebenone which Elizabeth Arden say has unsurpassed antioxidant power. This is meant to correct, protect and transform the eye area. It also has Shea Butter which is good for general moisturising.
This has a chemical sunscreen:
Oxtinoxate - protects against UVB rays.
Oxybenzone - protects against UVB and UVA2 rays.

Its £85 for 15ml and available at Debenhams.
Prevage Eye Cream with SPF

Please do leave a comment if you know of any more that I should add to the list or if you have any questions.

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  1. I read Skinceuticals have a new eye SPF out, a physical one.

    1. I know! It looks really good. I called up about it last week and they said they didn't know if it's going to be released in the UK. Where did you read about it? I'm actually planning to update this post so I'll probably include it anyway.

  2. I looked in my browser history, it was at

    I used to use Clarins eye spf 30, it was fantastic, but they discontinued it.

    I hope they sell this Skinceuticals one in the UK.

  3. Ahh, Thank you! I looked for the Clarins one when I was writing this post but couldn't find it. Maybe they discontinued because there's not such a demand for the SPF eye creams here. Lancome also do one in the US that's not available here:

    I also hope the Skinceuticals one becomes available here. In the meantime, I do think the Supergoop one is really good. I've also been using the new Zelens sunscreen around my eyes without any problems which I think maybe due to the active ingredients being encapsulated.

    I also like the Dr Perricone No Concealer Concealer SPF35. They've recently relaunched it in the US but I think the one that's still available here is great

  4. I may order the Skinceuticals one if I can find a good seller who will ship to UK. I am wary of Supergoop because of the chemical sunscreen near my eye (although I do use chemical sunscreen on rest of face).

    1. I got the Skinceuticals eye SPF. It looks like quite a dark tint, but blends out well. It is only slightly too dark on me, and I am quite pale (usually between 1st and 2nd shade of foundation). The best thing is it doesn't migrate into my eyes and sting them.