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The Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

The Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes
Every make up lover likes to have an eye shadow palette or three in their stash. Not only are they useful but they're little things of beauty in themselves.

The trend for neutral eyeshadow palettes continues apace which is good news for (slightly) older women as they are the colours that are generally going to flatter us the most.

With so much choice out there at the moment I thought I'd put the best ones together to make the task of contrasting and comparing slightly easier.

Urban Decay - Naked 3  
This contains 12 new rose-hued tones from pale pink to black with red micro glitter in various finishes. Like the Nakeds that have come before these are highly pigmented and blendable shadows.  The mirrored compact comes with a double ended brush and a sample of Primer Potion. This set costs £37 and is available from Debenhams with free shipping.
Urban Decay Naked 3

NARS - NARSissist Palette
This new palette has gone to the top of every make up addicts wish list. It contains 15 shades; 14 from the NARS core collection of either singles or doubles and 1 from the Guy Bourdin Collection. The set costs £55 and it's available from Nars Online from 1st February and I expect it will sell out very quickly.

Nars NARSissist Eye Shadow Palette

Too Faced - Chocolate Bar
This comes in a compact that looks like a chocolate bar and the 15 eyeshadows included actually smell like chocolate. This is a bit too gimmicky for me and I'm not too keen on the included pink and purple shades. The rest of colours look very pretty though and they've made the ones you're most likely use the most bigger in size. The RRP is £45 but it's currently £39.50 at Debenhams

Bobbi Brown - Nude Eye Palette
I actually own this one and though I like it, I don't love it as much as I thought I would. It's one of those collections that look better in the compact than they do on the eye. The colour pay off on the matte shades isn't that great and the colours just aren't quite right. The sparkle shades are pretty though and can brighten the eyes without being too over the top. The compact has a lovely, expensive feel to it with a magnetic close. It costs £35 and is available at Bobbi Brown online.

Bobbi Brown Nude Palette

Mac Cosmetics - Eyeshadow x15 Warm Neutral
There's going to be two versions of these x15 palettes; the Warm Neutral and the or Cool Neutral. I think the Warm Neutral has the edge over the Cool Neutral palette, which is still very nice indeed. My only slight criticism of them is that there isn't quite enough variation in the colours. They will be available in March for £65 at Mac Cosmetics but it's already available here in the US.

MAC EyeShadow x15 Warm Neutral

Chanel - Prelude Eyeshadow Quad
This isn't new but it's a lovely collection of well co-ordinated cool toned neutrals. The quality of Chanel eye shadows is rarely surpassed and the iconic packaging makes this a real treat to own. Sometimes, there are times when I'm not in a decisive mood and when I'm like that having a set of  just 4 gorgeous colours is ideal. The Chanel Prelude Quad is available from Debenhams for £38 with free delivery.

Chanel Prelude Eyeshadow Quad

Clinique - Neutral Territory 2
Neutral Territory 2 is part of the limited edition 16 Shades of Beige range from Clinique. It's made up of 8 lovely colours in a very sleek and portable compact. I've done a full review with swatches which is here. The palette is available online now or at counters from 7th February. It costs £32.

Clinique Neutral Territory 2

SmashBox - Full Exposure
This is made up of 7 matte and 7 shimmer shades and includes a sample size mascara and a double ended brush. It also contains a guide on how to best apply the eyeshadows based on your eye shape. The compact is actually made of board which I don't find that appealing. Unfortunately, this palette has received mixed reviews. While some people love it others have complained about that the colours lack pigment. Therefore, I think if you're tempted by this one it's advisable to have a look at it in the flesh, so to speak. It costs £36 and it's available here.

Smashbox Full Exposure

Stila - In the Light 
This is another one that comes in a hard board compact. It contains 10 shades that can be worn wet or dry. It also includes a full size waterproof matte chocolate brown eyeliner. It also comes with a look book that features tips and tricks. It costs £25 an is available here.

Stila In The Light Palette

In conclusion, my picks of the bunch are Clinique Neutral Territory 2 and Chanel Prelude. Before I started this post I had decided not to get the NARS Narsissist palette. However, after immersing myself in the subject I've now convinced myself that it will be an 'investment' and that I'm going to order one as soon as they become available.

What are your favourites? Are there any neutral palettes that I forgot to include?

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  1. Going to commit to the Clinique palette today...!

  2. The Clinique one is definitely my favourite of the bunch. I hope you love it! xx

  3. I really like the look of the Smashbox Full Exposure palette. I have the Urban Decay palette and the Narsissist palette and they are both beautiful.

  4. I've got the Narsissist one but haven't used it yet. It looks so pretty with the colours untouched and perfect that I don't want to spoil it. However, that is just silly and I will try it this week. The colours in the Smashbox one look nice but I'm not sure the packaging would last that well. xx

  5. Such a lovely post, really helpful too. I really want the Naked 3 palette so badly.

  6. Lovely post, really helpful too. I want the Naked 3 palette so badly.

  7. Thank you! Treat yourself to the UD3 - I'm sure you won't regret it! xx